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My pro tip

Not winning a medal at the Commonwealth Games was by far the lowest point of my career. People often talk about channeling these negative emotions. The narrative is that losing is part of sport, so just roll with the punches and get on with it.

That’s fine – but we need to speak about it more. Athletes need to be comfortable being vulnerable enough to say “Hey, I lost, and I feel awful”.

I want to show other athletes and young people how tough it can be, and that it’s OK to feel low. It’s OK to be vulnerable about your losses and normalise those conversations and emotions.

It can’t just be: ‘I’ve won, let’s get this on social media. Let’s show the world how great I am’.

Be recognised for the bad stuff as well, because we’re human. The bad stuff doesn’t need to be called the bad stuff. It’s just part of life.

Player Stats

21Highest Ranking
ScotlandCountry of Birth
16 February 1990Birthday
2010Date Turned Pro
5'4" / 165Height (ft / cm)
6PSA titles


Lisa's Racket


This lighter update to the Revelation Pro features a lighter head balance, making it maneuverable and quick around the court. It's ideal for you if you're an intermediate or advanced player.

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Dunlop pro players may play with different rackets to the model shown.

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