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Team Dunlop is shaping the future of the game. Every one of our pro players, juniors, coaches and ambassadors from across the globe is passionately pursuing their own journey. But they all live and breathe the spirit of Dunlop Sports.

Team Dunlop Juniors

Our juniors are the tennis stars of the future. We scout the most talented young players from around the world and help them grow their love of the game. With a global community stretching from the grassroots all the way to tour level, guided by our belief in promoting health and happiness through sport. Do you have the passion and commitment to join our junior team?

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Our Academies

We’re proud to be Official Equipment Partner to two of the most elite tennis training academies in the world. Supporting the next generation of talent and sponsoring all coaches – including founders Patrick Mouratoglou and Nick Bollettieri. Our onsite Dunlop Innovation Centres also equip junior players with the latest Dunlop rackets as well as our full stringing and racket customisation service.

Founded by legendary coach and Dunlop ambassador Patrick Mouratoglou in 1996, the Mouratoglou Academy is globally renowned as one of the game\'s finest training centres. As well as achieving incredible results coaching some of the world’s best players, Patrick works with his highly trained team to offer expert coaching, mentoring and support to the next generation of Team Dunlop junior players. Find out more about the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy.

Founded in 1978 by legendary coach and Dunlop ambassador Nick Bollettieri, the Florida-based IMG Academy is now one of the world’s largest and most advanced multi-sport training and educational institutions. As the academy’s official tennis partner, our onsite Dunlop Innovation Centre equips players with our latest products, all of which are used and endorsed by IMG tennis coaches. Find out more about the IMG Academy.

Team Dunlop Pros

Chasing down ranking points. Battling for trophies. Our pro players compete on tour at the very pinnacle of the sport. Inspiring countless others and expressing their sheer love of the game with every hit.

Team Dunlop Coaches

Behind every great player is an inspiring coach. And we work with some of the best in the world. Our coaches share our philosophy and passion for the game with the talented players of today and tomorrow. Supported by Dunlop expertise and product innovation that takes their career to the next level.

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Team Dunlop Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are true icons of tennis. After enjoying fantastic careers at the top of their game, these legends are now continuing their journey and finding new ways to inspire the next generation on and off the court.

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