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AlyAbou Elienen

What a year!

2022 was a year that saw Eleinen start at World No.80, and rise up into the world’s top 40 for the first time prior to the start of 2023. It was also the year he won his first two Tour titles, one of which being the Challenger 20 London Open, his biggest Tour title to date.

Player Stats

29Highest Ranking
EgyptCountry of Birth
1 January 2000Birthday
2019Date Turned Pro
5'7" / 175Height (ft / cm)
2PSA titles


Aly's Racket


A hybrid frame shape gives the racket increased stability, so you can hit a shot of pure, focused power. 120g frame offering superb maneuverability, power and control. The signature frame of Nick Matthew.

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Dunlop pro players may play with different rackets to the model shown.

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