Lets talk about grip!

You may have already seen some of our other grip video tutorials but in this video we wanted to discuss a few more options you have when you regrip your tennis racket to achieve just the right feel for you.

Should you regrip or overgrip? How tight or loose should your grip be? How much should you overlap your grip?

In this video, our equipment expert Seb shares his wealth of knowledge about tennis racket grips.

Which grip should I use?

If you’re not sure which grip you should use, then check out our ‘Put the right grip on‘ video.

Can I adjust my existing grip?

If it isn’t worn and doesn’t need to be replaced then you can easily adjust your existing grip. You might just feel like your grip isn’t tight enough, or is too tight, so you could just take the grip off and regrip it so it’s set a lot better, and perhaps a little tighter, or looser, depending on your preference.

Whether you are regripping or applying a new overgrip, you can achieve a different feel depending on how tightly you wrap it and how much you overlap the grip on each turn. We wouldn’t recommend that you leave gaps in the grip, the grip should always overlap.

How do I achieve a thinner or thicker grip?

To achieve a thinner/looser grip, wrap the grip with minimal overlap as you wrap it around the racket handle. You might have excess grip left when you reach the top, which you can easily cut off.

To achieve a thicker grip, wrap the grip with a larger amount of overlap as you wrap it around the racket handle. As you layer this up you’ll notice it makes the grip a lot thicker. You might run out of grip as you get towards the top of the racket if you want to make it really thick and tight, but this is ok. Plenty of players don’t worry about this as you don’t always need all the grip, in fact, if you have a one handed backhand then you only really need the base of the grip to be gripped.

So, how do you know what’s right for you?

Well it’s all about personal preference and your individual playing style. Over time you will know what feels right for you, and now you should be equipped with the knowledge of how to regrip to meet your needs.