Have you ever really thought about what grip you use? Maybe you use whatever you can get your hands on (no pun intended) or you have a favourite colour or a favourite feel, but how much time have you spent really trying to figure out if you can make a difference to your game?

So, we’ll level with you here. We’re not talking about huge differences. We’re talking about minor ones, but this is what the Elements Of The Game series is all about. What are the things you can do, the things in your control, that you can do to improve your game? Remember, incremental changes have long been known to be the key to so much of success and maybe the extra 1% that having the right grip gives you makes all the difference.

Base Grip/Replacement Grip

These grips are supposed to be at the base of the grip, as you may have been able to guess – or they replace the base grip – No prizes for figuring this stuff out on your own but it’s important to know that these grips tend to be a bit thicker and they are meant to last a little longer than over grips. Okay, you may have figured that out too.

Over Grip

Again, pretty straight forward, the over grips are usually slightly thinner grips and a little less durable that are placed on top of the base grips to give a little extra girth.

Leather Grip

Known for bring strong and durable, gives you the best feel of the wooden (or metal) frame beneath. This is a classic feel but less used today.


These are great for players who’s hands sweat a lot and in when it’s hot (or it’s a pressure point) you know you can hold onto the racket just fine.


And you can probably guess that tacky is for people who don’t suffer as much from sweaty hands and gives a slightly more sticky alternative which is spongy and nice to grip.


And it’s not just the grip itself you know, it’s the size. How big are your hands? Do you need a thin grip, or do you need a thick grip? Maybe you need two, maybe three. Now, we don’t recommend that you waste grips if you can help it but it’s one of those things that you have to try to find out what works best for you. Give it a go, see if you can make you racket more comfortable and therefore make you more comfortable.


Different people need different things and when it comes to Tennis, and the other racket sports, confidence can be a big factor in your game. A sweaty hand, a heavy grip, these things can just play on your mind, even subconsciously, and so never under estimate how much of a difference – a different grip could make.

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