In a thrilling showcase of youthful talent and determination, the Wimbledon Under-14s boys’ event witnessed the rise of a new champion, Mark Ceban, who claimed his first-ever Wimbledon victory. Simultaneously, in the girls’ category, Hollie Smart reached the final but faced a formidable opponent, Luna Vujovic, who emerged victorious to clinch the title.

Mark Ceban, a promising young Team Dunlop player, etched his name in Wimbledon history as he triumphed in the prestigious Under-14 boys’ event. Demonstrating remarkable skill and composure on the hallowed grass courts, Ceban battled his way through the tournament to reach the final. In a nerve-wracking showdown.

The final match proved to be a closely contested affair, with both players showcasing their full repertoire of shots and tactical acumen. The opening set was eventually decided in a tense tiebreak, with Ceban claiming the first set 7-6 (7-5).

Buoyed by his narrow advantage, Ceban continued to display his determination in the second set. Utilising his skillfull shot making and court coverage, he managed to seize control of the match. Amidst enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, Ceban ultimately secured a convincing 6-3 win in the second set, solidifying his position as the new champion of the Wimbledon Under-14 boys’ event.

Meanwhile, in the girls’ Under-14 category, Hollie Smart, a promising player representing Team Dunlop, showcased her talent throughout the tournament. Smart’s impressive run led her to the final, where she encountered Luna Vujovic.

Despite displaying commendable skill and fighting spirit, Smart faced a determined Vujovic who proved to be a dominant force on the day. Vujovic’s precision and aggressive play overwhelmed Smart, resulting in a 6-3, 6-1 victory for the young champion.