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Feel the force of Natural Tennis Feel the forceof NaturalTennis

Welcome to our Natural Tennis (NT) ranges. NT Yellow is our control-focused series. While NT Orange packs more power and spin. So, whatever fuels your game, a mix of premium materials and performance technology helps you play with more a clean and natural feel.

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Copper-Wire Construction

A copper wire and silicone construction is built into the handle of the racket. This combination of materials filters and absorbs excessive vibrations. So you get get a smooth, crisp and natural hitting feeling.

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NT Weave

The racket head and throat feature a carbon-fibre and copper-wire mesh construction. This helps capture negative vibrations before they reach your grip, giving you a clean, crisp shot.

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All-in-One Construction

Get the truest connection with your game, thanks to a racket and handle crafted from a one-piece carbon fibre construction. This removes all negative vibrations, combining a natural, direct feel and touch with maximum power.

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Japanese High-Modulus Carbon

Play with a more natural feel and greater stability for next-level performance. All thanks to ultra premium carbon fibre.

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