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Lx 800

Increase your shot power

The LX 800 features a larger head size for increased shot power and the bigger sweet spot makes your shots more comfortable and more forgiving on your arm. So you can play with an effortless focus on your shot quality. Perfect for players with a shorter swing style who want the racket to do the work.

Full specification

69.8 / 27.5Length (cm / in)
710 / 110Head size (cm² / in²)
16x18String pattern
255 / 8.9Unstrung weight (g / oz)
26-27-26Beam width (mm)
77Stiffness (RA)
355Unstrung balance (mm)

Play with increased touch and feel

Smooth out your game with a high-elasticity and vibration-dampening racket.

Play shots with even more power

Parallel drill holes and strings create a larger hitting area. That means you can play with more power, spin and feel.

LX800 technology correction for customers May 22

Sincere apologies, there's been an error regarding "HYBRAR®", which is different from the material used. Please contact your retailer first, or for more information.

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