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Lx 1000

Increase your shot power

The largest racket in our range. Get all the innovation and performance of the LX 1000, but with a slightly bigger head size so you can comfortably serve up shots with enough punch to keep your opponent on their toes. This is the racket you’ve been waiting for.

Full specification

69.8 / 27.5Length (cm / in)
742 / 115Head size (cm² / in²)
16x18String pattern
255 / 9.0Unstrung weight (g / oz)
27-28-26Beam width (mm)
77Stiffness (RA)
360Unstrung balance (mm)

Play with increased touch and feel

Smooth out your game with a high-elasticity and vibration-dampening racket.

Play with focused comfort and enhanced power

Sprung grommets on the main bridge help give shots some extra fizz. While a secondary bridge helps dampen vibrations through the racket for a more comfortable feel.

Add more comfort and power to your game

Concave sections elongate the strings across the hitting zone to enhance the sweet spot.

Less vibration

Rubber material between the frame and grommets reduce the impact vibration for a better touch & feel.

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