We like to be good to you here at Dunlop. So, we aren’t going to make you read a whole lot of text in order to give you the answer to this question. We have the video for that.

The answer is that it isn’t overly clear but there was a consensus from those in the game that 27 inches was the right fit. Subsequently there have been rules put in place in order to keep the playing field fair.

One example would be that a much longer racket in the hands of a very large and tall person could, particularly on serve, get too much power – this could make the game boring to watch and so the length was chose to encourage longer rallies and more exciting points.

Of course players can use smaller rackets, and juniors absolutely have to – So, as always preference plays a part. However, when it comes to club players up to prop, most will go for a 27 or 27.5 and feel just fine.