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Falling in love with the game

Well, I started playing padel because my father always went to play. When I was 8 years old he took me and my sisters to the club, and there we entertained ourselves as much as we could on the court. Before long, we started having classes once a week, and soon we were hooked.

What I like the most about playing is the feeling of well-being that being inside a padel court produces. I love learning something new every day and being able to be competitive at the highest level. My main motivation is to believe that I am truly lucky to be able to work doing what I like the most. I think it is motivation enough to give 100%.

My best so far

My favorite tournament is undoubtedly the Master Finals, I consider myself lucky to have been able to take part in it twice and enjoy the experience.

My greatest achievement was reaching the semifinals in the Master Finals in 2017. That second half of the year was undoubtedly my best moment, since I was a pair 7 and I managed to be in the quarterfinals in almost all tournaments.

Player Stats

24Highest ranking
SpainCountry of Birth
Marina LoboPlaying Partner

Day in Day out

My routine depends on the time of year we are in. In pre-season I do a double session of padel and a session of physical training, and we rest Saturday and Sunday for padel, and only on Sundays the physical training. During the rest of the year, the normal thing is a padel session and a physical training session. And also physiotherapy and nutrition sessions.

I am a very organized person, and I have everything written down on my cell phone so that nothing escapes me. As soon as the calendar is published, or as events come out, I write down the dates to be clear about which ones I have free.

My Pro tips

My best advice would be that you have to fight for what you want. Things do not come alone, you have to go out and look for them and give your all to get them. Who wants, can!😊

Teresa's Bat


Super-premium 16K Carbon construction for maximum consistency and performance. The Tri-Clamp reinforcement provides stability for increased control and reduced drag for increased swing speeds and power in attacking shots. The exclusive Power Holes drilled hole pattern generates additional power on attacking shots and Hyper Gryp textured finish generates additional spin for more penetrating shots.

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Dunlop pro players may play with different rackets to the model shown.

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