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Diego EliasJoueur 1

Declan JamesJoueur 2


The Sonic Core series has been developed to offer excellent racket head stability and enhanced comfort, allowing players to dictate the pace of rallies with pin point accuracy and consistency.

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Sonic Core Pro 130

Play un-returnable shots Place the ball exactly where your opponent can’t reach it. If you’re an advanced player who wants complete control of where your shots go, this is the racket for you.

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Sonic Core Ultimate 132

Fuse power with control Get great control and enhanced power from a combination of the conventional headshape and larger head size.

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Sonic Core Elite 135

Plant your shots with power The conventional head shape gives you great control, while the larger head size packs more power. All thanks to a 14x18 string pattern. This is what power looks like.

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Sonic Core Evolution 120

Feel the power of control A hybrid frame shape gives the racket increased stability, so you can hit a shot of pure, focused power, whilst maintaining ultimate control.

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Sonic Core Evolution 130

Power into your next game The hybrid frame shape gives you the optimum blend of power and control.

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Diego Elias

Monde #6

  • DOB 19.11.1996
  • Taille 188cm
  • Poids 82kg
  • Matches won 144
  • raquette Ultimate 132


  • Sonic Core made with Infinergy®.
  • Located in the 2 and 10 o’clock areas of the racket.
  • In addition to superior rebound properties the Infinergy® material also has impressive dampening properties and reduces vibrations vs a standard carbon fibre Dunlop racket.

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