A massive weekend for the power couple and team Dunlop pair, Ali Farag and Nour El Tayeb as they both took home the crown in the Manchester Open!

The recent World Champion, Ali Farag had to fight from a game down to take his Manchester Final match 3-1. And it was just the 1 game dropped for Nour El Tayeb too as she emerged victorious 3-1.

It’s the second time Farag and El Tayeb have tasted trophy success at the same event – However, this time they did it with their daughter as a witness, with the pair looking after her in between each other’s matches.

It was Farag’s third title in a row, pushing him back towards the fight for the number 1 spot after being out with injury and it was his first Manchester Open. Nour El Tayeb picked up her second Manchester Open and her second title of the season.

Nour, speaking about her match also said, “I’m confident in what I do, I’ve changed my coaching over the last four or five months and I’ve been taught how to be confident at every point and to give myself credit even on the points I lose. In a lot of moments when I felt like I was losing points, I was trusting myself and trusting that I was doing everything I can and it came today.”

Afterwards, Farag said: “I’m lucky that I was only away for four months as he’s been away for 10 months. It’s all on your body and all in your head and I’m so glad I have Nour [El Tayeb] by my side and having Farida [his daughter] here as well helps to get your mind off things and you don’t think about the matches as much or how tired you are – you just keep pushing. I’m extremely proud and very grateful.”