The inaugural Dunlop vs Srixon challenge cup has begun! Find all the challenges on our YouTube page . Hosted by Mark Crossfield, six professional golfers take on two professional tennis players in a bid to be crowned the ultimate champion.

The battle sees Jamie Murray and Jack Draper for Team Dunlop on the tennis side. On the golf and Srixon side we have Dean Burmester, Sean Crocker, Pedro Figueiredo, Ryan Fox, Soren Kjeldson and Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano.

There are four challenges for them to take on. Two golf based and two tennis based. Then a decider if it’s needed. For each challenge the team playing their own sport will be handicapped in some way in order to make the challenges fair. A chance to see the golfers try out the Dunlop tennis rackets and the tennis players to use the Srixon golf clubs, there was a lot of talent on display.

The Challenges:

Challenge 1. The Par 4 challenge.

First up, it’s a golf challenge. Team Dunlop and Team Srixon have the simple task of playing one hole. Each team will take it in turns to take one hit each and the winner will be the team that can get to the green in the least amount of shots. Should be an easy win for the golfers right? Well there’s a little handicap for them, they’ll be using Tennis balls. The Tennis players, they’ll be using Golf balls.

Watch the full challenge here

Challenge 2. The 60 yard pitch.

Round 2 and we are still on golf. This time it’s a simple – closest to the pin wins. You’ve probably realised that there is always a handicap for one team. So again, the golfers still don’t have it easy. Tennis players are swinging like normal. Golfers are swinging with only one hand.

Watch the full challenge here

Challenge 3: Tennis Volleyball

Round 3 and it’s Tennis time. Welcome to Tennis Volleyball. Let’s see what the golfers have. It’s a tie break and it’s 4 vs 2. Not only that but, as you may have guessed from the name, the 4 golfers are actually allowed to knock the ball between each other!

Watch the full challenge here

Challenge 4: Serving at Golfers

Serving at Golfers. What’s not to love? Ever wondered how golfers would do if they faced a professional Tennis serve? Let’s find out. Oh and by the way, Jack Draper was really having some fun with this challenge.

Watch the full challenge here

Challenge 5: Skittles

To make sure there isn’t a tie between Team Dunlop and Team Srixon, it was important to have a fifth and final challenge that could sort the weak from the strong. The clock has one minute on it and the task is simple, knock down as many cans as you can. is one favors the Tennis players but the Golfers have 6 of them and like any game of skittles there’s always a chance that if one goes, they all go.

Watch the full challenge here 

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Full film is here