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Spin Redefined


Make every shot count. Our new SX racket series with SPIN BOOST technology is designed to help you play at pace with more spin, power and control, for true consistency. It’s not just about more spin, it’s about more in. Welcome to spin redefined.


The SX series features a dynamic set of SPIN BOOST grommets that allows more string movement, with the strings sliding in the direction of the arrows on impact. This makes the ball trajectory more controlled, for extra bite and accuracy on the ball when hitting shots off-centre.

Modern players use more spin, hitting the ball towards the top of the racket. But that takes technique and power, often leading to errors and injuries. PowerGrid StringTech creates a 30% larger sweet spot, evenly distributing power across the string bed. Get better control, more power and more spin.

Play harder, cleaner shots. Sonic Core made with Infinergy dampens impact shock and reduces frame vibrations by up to 37%, giving a more comfortable hitting sensation. Infinergy® foam developed by BASF, the world’s first E-TPU, offers much greater rebound properties compared to our original Sonic Core materials.

E tu quale racchetta

La serie di racchette Performance di Dunlop, con tecnologia Srixon, copre una vasta gamma di caratteristiche e stili di gioco. Se cerchi potenza, controllo, leggerezza o rotazione, trovi qui la tua racchetta perfetta.

  • 1 SX 300 Tour
  • 2 SX 300
  • 3 SX 300 LS
  • 4 SX 300 Lite
  • 5 SX 600


The SX Series helps you gain control through spin. Thanks to a larger sweetspot, it gives you extra power and extra forgiveness.
Patrick Mouratoglou
Team Dunlop Ambassador

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