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Falling in love with the game

I started playing tennis because my brother played and I always tagged along. One day I gave it a try and ended up having some talent for it. I fell in love with the sport and the rest is history.

My main motivation to play tennis is to continuously improve and become the best tennis player I can be. What I enjoy about the game is the competition and problem solving on-court, finding solutions to win the match. For me, there are a different ways to make a match a good match. For example, when both competitors are playing well, and it’s close, and you’re fighting and competing for every ball. Also, when you’re not playing well but you find a way to go all out and get the win. Another one is when you’re playing well and executing everything exactly like you practiced.

Roger Federer has been my idol since I can remember.

Although recently I’ve been so amazed by Djokovic and everything he does. Watching him play live in person is something incredible that I try to do as much as I can.

My best so far

Wimbledon Junior Finals 2017 was very special to me and one of my biggest moments so far. My favourite tournament is Wimbledon, the pinnacle of sporting events, and my ambition is to play in the Wimbledon final again but this time in the open draw. Co-winning my first WTA500 in Grampians was a special tournament as well.

My ultimate goal is to win every slam and be #1.

Statistiche del giocatore

44Highest Ranking
USACountry of Birth
26 June 2000Birthday
2018Turned Pro
5'7" (170 cm)Height (ft/cm)
1Singles Titles

Right-handed, two-handed backhand

Day in. Day out.

No day looks the same as far as my daily routine is concerned, but my coach and I plan each day based on what we are trying to get out of it and what the schedule looks like.

I believe that the balance between physical and mental shape comes down to preparation for a tournament, the harder and better I prepare, the better I feel both physically and mentally. If I have a bad match or practice then I pick myself up by seeing it as learning and working out how I can improve from it.

What drives me in sport is my goals, my team, the motivation to inspire others, and the pride of success. What drives me in life is making the most of everyday and life as a whole, being happy, and my family and my friends.

Staying grounded

I enjoy traveling and visiting new cities. To keep a sense of normality with all the traveling, and to stay grounded, I find that being humble and focusing on the positives that comes with it is important.

My hobbies include anything with music and listening to music. I also like watching movies, reading, doing fun activities and being with friends.

My pro tips

My pro tip is to be more progress oriented than result oriented. Results will come if you put in the right work.

I don’t have a favorite quote but a good one is,

“My current situation is not my final destination”

We are constantly growing and we can always find ways to improve and be better.

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