A former world No.1 and former world champion. Greg Gaultier, better know as the French General, has officially played his last Squash match on the PSA World Tour.

A World Champion in 2015, Gaultier spent 20 months at World No.1 between 2009-2018 and also captured three British Open trophies, as well as winning the PSA World Tour Finals on three occasions.

Since making his PSA debut in 2000, Gaultier has lifted 44 PSA Tour titles, reaching 83 finals, while he won 586 of his 758 matches on the PSA Tour.

A message on Instagram read – ‘Today i have decided to retire from the PSA World Tour. It has been a long road with lots of fantastic and amusing moments with some bumps on the way. I feel very lucky to have done my passion as a job’. Read the rest here.

Gaultier has been with Dunlop since the very beginning of his career and has been not only an amazing ambassador for Squash but an amazing ambassador for Dunlop Squash. We, here at Dunlop, would like to say a massive thank you for everything Greg Gaultier has done for us and the game of Squash over the last 20 years and look forward to continue working with him on what comes next.

One thing that can’t be denied about Greg Gaultier is his passion and his love for the game. Right up until the very end. He was a crowd favorite for 20 years and all he really wanted to do was keep playing but sadly there has to come a time where you can’t do it any more. In early 2020 we filmed a short video with Greg that showed just how dedicated he was to the game of Squash and it sits now as a poignant reminder of the General’s impact in the game and the spirit, we at Dunlop, so often want to emulate.