So, it’s our 100th birthday – Sort of. 2023 marks 100 years since we entered into the racket sports market with our first Dunlop Tennis ball. Since then Dunlop has become one of the most well-known and respected brands in the world of tennis and rackets sports in general, with a long history of producing high-quality products for players of all levels.

Let’s focus on Tennis though. After the introduction of Tennis balls in 1923, one of the earliest success stories was the Dunlop Maxply wooden racket, used by Rod Laver, (who some consider to be the greatest of all time). Next came innovations from Dunlop as we introduced one of the first metal tennis rackets in the 1950s. Prior to this, rackets were made of wood. The metal racket was lighter and more flexible than its wooden counterparts, which allowed players to generate more spin and control on their shots.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Dunlop continued to push the boundaries of rackets with the introduction of synthetic materials like graphite and injection mold technologies. This saw the birth of the world famous 200g racket. The rackets we getting lighter and stronger and the game was growing faster as a result.

It wasn’t just rackets though, let’s not forget this started with Tennis balls. Dunlop’s line of tennis balls has also been popular with players, with a range of options available for different types of playing surfaces and skill levels. If you want to take a look at some just click here

Today, Dunlop continues to be a leader in the world of tennis, with a wide range of products available for players of all levels.  Dunlop has something for everyone looking to improve their game on the court (just take a look here). So, the evolution of Dunlop Tennis products has been a long and successful journey that has helped to shape the modern game of tennis and we hope to continue to do so for the next 100 years.