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Welcome to power you can feel.


Can you feel it? That’s power. Pure, unchecked game-winning power. To snatch 12-shot rallies, to launch shots from baseline to baseline, to unleash decisive smash shots. Power that feels more comfortable, more reliable than ever. Fuelled by a new aerodynamic frame shape, a larger sweet spot fused with a consistently smooth and stable hitting experience. Capture power to play like you never played before.


Greater power.
Larger sweet spot.
More comfort.

Balance power and comfort with a new grommet structure.Play in comfort with a precision groove engineered into the racket frame. Enlarge the sweet spot thanks to a new grommet structure that increases string movement Hit with more power and more comfort.

Feel the power with a new frame shapeHit harder thanks to a new aerodynamic head shape engineered to pack more power Get a more balanced feel thanks to a sharp, modern-looking shaft. Strike consistent shots thanks to a wider throat design that delivers greater stability. Play with more power and more reliability.

Move and strike the ball with more comfort and power.Smooth out your game with a high-elasticity and vibration-damping racket. Play with more power and feel .


FX 500 Tour

Power up your gameCombine speed, power and comfort with added control to really refine your game. The versatility of the FX 500 Tour means every part of your game gets a boost. Ideal for intermediate through to advanced players.

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FX 500

Strike with speed, power and comfortTake on all-corners with the manoeuvrable and powerful FX 500, the ultimate all-round racket. If you play an attacking game, you’ve now got great spin to back you up and some forgiveness on those off-centre strikes.

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FX 500 LS

Feel the power with comfort and controlThis racket is based on the FX 500 and provides very good maneuverability based on the lighter weight. Perfect for advanced players and performance players who are looking for a racket with a lighter weight to achieve fast hits with a high power level.

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FX 500 Lite

Get speed and power in a lightweight packageReach every shot with the fastest and lightest racket in the FORCE Series. Game improvers, intermediates and advanced juniors will find it easier to hit crisp, powerful shots thanks to the firm beam of the FX 500 LITE.

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FX 700

Play with power and spinFeel comfortable as you turn up the power. The FX 700 has the largest head in the FORCE Series. So it’s supremely comfortable all round, packs plenty of power and is very forgiving. Perfect if you’ve got a short to medium swing style, or you’re looking to improve your game.

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Qué raqueta
eres tú?

La gama de raquetas de alto rendimiento de Dunlop, desarrollada con la tecnología Srixon, ofrece una amplia gama de especificaciones y estilos de juego. Si buscas potencia, control, manejabilidad o efecto, encuentra tu raqueta perfecta aquí.

  • 1 FX 500 Tour
  • 2 FX 500
  • 3 FX 500 LS
  • 4 FX 500 Lite
  • 5 FX 700

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