Our manifesto reads – ‘We have lived by one single story, the Love of the Game’. We believe in this mantra and we want that mantra to come through in the work we do and the products we make. Through this mantra we seek to tell stories that embody this concept and we are so excited to present you a brand new short documentary film.

Endeavour: The Alex Krol Story

We really encourage you to just watch the film, but if you want a little background. Alex Krol is a former Marine who sadly suffered a serious motorbike accident when he was young, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Alex went onto become a gold medalist winner in Tennis (twice!) in the Invictus games. When we approached Alex to ask if we could tell his inspiring story, he told us something even more extraordinary. He told us that he wasn’t done with Tennis yet and that he was about to embark upon a journey to get other injured servicemen and women into the sport of wheelchair Tennis by holding trial days around the country leading to a weekend of matches with a chosen few.

What came next was an incredible display or fortitude, courage and emotion as the trials begun, more and more people turned up, the culmination of which saw 12 individuals come together through sport.

Each player had their own story to tell, each player had challenges to overcome but it was so clear the power that sport can have for us, physically and emotionally and it was truly beautiful to witness people to come together in this way. Another mantra of ours is to inspire health and happiness, and Alex Krol showcased that more clearly than we could have ever hoped for.

The events took place over a 6 month period with the first event being held in June 2021 and the final taking place in Jan 2022. We would like to extend thanks to Invictus and the LTA for the roles they played in making this happen and letting us be part of the journey but most of all we would like to extend our thanks to Alex and his family, who were gracious enough to let us be part of his journey, who gave us a story to tell that has inspired us and we hope goes onto inspire you.

More to come

This film centers around Alex Krol and his story, his journey in life. However, we will follow this up with a full film that showcases the event and the event days with a particular focus on the final event in January. There is so much fantastic content here that it’s hard to distil it all down, but there is plenty more to come so if you want to see ore know more, be sure to subscribe to the Dunlop YouTube channel or follow the Dunlop Instagram and TikTok pages.