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To the court we say...

Thank you Merci Danke Grazie Gracias Celebrating 100 years on court

Our passion never wavers. From engineering our very first tennis ball in 1923 to put ourselves at the centre of the game, we’ve stood fast to our promise to enhance every game.

And so in this, our 100th year, we celebrate all that we love about all racket sports and all who play them by celebrating, where they play them.

Because whatever racket you hold and however you play, the court is constant. A playground for learning, the maker and breaker of points, and enjoyment for millions who live, play and watch the sports we love.

Thanks for 100 years of service, to the court.

Celebrating 100 years on court

Durante 100 años, hemos vivido según una sola historia. El amor del deporte.

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