Precision 98

Control the court

Hit shots with ultimate control and increased power. This lighter version of the Precision 98 Tour gives you extra power and more spin thanks to an open, 16x19 string pattern.

Weights may vary slightly due to production.


Full specification

68.5 / 27Length (cm / in)
632 / 98Head size (cm² / in²)
16x19String pattern
300 / 10.58Unstrung weight (g / oz)
22Beam width (mm)
69Stiffness (RA)
320Unstrung balance (mm)
1-4Grip size

Improve the flow of your game

A reinforced carbon-fibre, PU handle gives maximum strength. Glass-fibre rods in precision channels transmit impact energy, while polymer rings filter impact and vibrations.

Feel at one with your racket

An ergonomic design offers 30% wider flare, without compromising weight. This updated shape enhances racket control and stability in your hand.

Play faster shots

Grommet holes, pegs and strings align across the hitting area for a larger sweet spot, so you get more power, more spin and a more forgiving feel.

Get more power without losing control

An oval cross-section in the head and the stability and comfort of a box section in the shaft of the racket delivers power and control.

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