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NT R6.0

Play a more natural game

The larger 105sq inch head size and thicker beam width pack more power and more comfort. A true all-round racket, but particularly strong if you need extra comfort and protection for your arm.

Racket supplied un-strung. Weights may vary slightly due to production.


Full specification

Natural TennisSeries
69.2 / 27.25Length (cm / in)
677 / 105Head size (cm² / in²)
16x19String pattern
281 / 9.91Unstrung weight (g / oz)
24-26-24Beam width (mm)
70Stiffness (RA)
333Unstrung balance (mm)
1-4Grip size

Our technologies

Feel the force of Natural Tennis

A copper wire and silicone construction is built into the racket’s handle. This combination of materials filters and absorbs excessive vibrations. So you get get a smooth, crisp and natural hitting feeling.

Hit winners in comfort

NT SORB Material reduces vibrations, without affecting feel or touch. So you get a much more comfortable feel when you play.

Hit a more natural shot

The racket head and throat feature carbon-fibre and copper-wire mesh construction, helping capture negative vibrations before they reach your grip, giving you a clean, crisp shot.

Cut through the competition

An engineered surface texture, inspired by shark skin, smooths airflow over your racket and reduces drag compared to non-textured surfaces.

Hit naturally powerful shots

Remove all negative vibrations for a natural, direct feel and touch with maximum power. All thanks to a racket and handle crafted from a one-piece carbon fibre construction.

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