CX 2.0 LS

Take control of your speed and power

Develop the speed and power of your game while retaining a feel and control for every shot. The lightweight, fast and accurate CX 2.0 LS is designed for game improvers, advanced juniors and intermediate players.

Not currently available in Europe.
Racket supplied un-strung. Weights may vary slightly due to production.


Full specification

68.5 / 27Length (cm / in)
632 / 98Head size (cm² / in²)
16 x 19String pattern
Carbon FibreConstuction
290 / 10.22Unstrung weight (g / oz)
20-21-21Beam width (mm)
65Stiffness (RA)
320Unstrung balance (mm)
1 - 3Grip size

Our technologies

Play with more power and comfort

Return easier. Premium silicone–based EVA material are placed at key areas of the frame. Their high elasticity and rebound properties make it easier for you to return the ball.

Hit harder. Strings compress when the ball hits, then amplify and return the force to the ball. So you get even more powerful shots.

Play comfortable. Sonic Core Technology reduces frame vibration. So your racket feels more comfortable and in your control.

Strike deeper, more penetrating shots.

Get more control and more spin so you can play deeper and more penetrating shots, thanks to multi-dimensional frame geometry.

Feel every shot

Get a responsive and comfortable feel when you strike the ball. Grommets made of “HYBRAR”®, a high-vibration-absorbing material.

Play shots with even more power

Parallel drill holes and strings create a larger hitting area. That means you can play with more power, spin and feel.

Hit a crisper, cleaner shot

Reduce vibration on your shots and get greater stability on those off-centre strikes. All thanks to high-elasticity carbon construction.

Hit a more focused shot

Feel a cleaner contact with the ball thanks to thermal energy conversion technology. This helps reduce vibrations without increasing weight or reducing frame strength.

In action

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