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Omega Tour Yellow

Hit shots with confidence

This oversize hybrid bat features a 38mm profile and a Super Flex core. Ideal bat for game-improvers and beginners thanks to a wide sweet spot and great mix of power and control.

Available only in the United Kingdom

Full specification

Oversize HybridHead shape
365Weight (g)
38Thickness/profile (mm)
Super FlexCore

Reinforced construction

Reinforced construction for the hitting surface of the bat using three layers of fibreglass material for increased durability.

Extreme power

Medium density EVA with rubber content for greater elasticity combined with a triple layer of fibreglass face fabric for extreme power with a high level of feel and control in every shot.

Enjoy a more solid performance

Graphite construction in the frame gives a superior performance, compared to traditional composite frames.

Take your first shots

Standard hole distribution helps beginners and juniors play more consistent shots as they learn the game.

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