Compete on another level

Blend power, control and comfort like never before. An oversize hybrid bat that gives you the power, control and comfort to compete in a league of your own.

Weights may vary slightly due to production.

Full specification

HybridHead shape
360-375Weight (g)
38Thickness/profile (mm)
Pro TouchCore

Our technologies


Meet the lightest material on the planet. A revolutionary combination of Aerogel and Graphene combine their exceptional properties to give you greater power, stability, control and sensation without adding extra weight.

Experience total control

A 360º design delivers optimal structural reinforcement at the base of the blade to give you maximum stability and exceptional control.

Put more spin on your shots

Pack a more penetrating punch thanks to a rough finish on the bat’s surface, giving you more spin effect.

Get more stability and control

Re-engineered structural reinforcement on the outside of the blade's bridge increases frame rigidity for greater power.

Keep your bat in the game

Protect your bat from contact with the walls and floor of the court with transparent protection tape applied to the frame.

Play with power, control and comfort

A rubber-impregnated, medium-density EVA combines with a triple-layer, face fabric spec and Dunlop’s unique resin system.

Attack your game

A revolutionary, drilled-hole pattern combines various diameters with an irregular circular distribution. So you get devastating defensive and attacking shots.

In action

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