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Galactica Light

Ultimate playability

The Galactica Light is the lightest padel bat in the range. Providing you with ultimate control, manoeuvrability and all-round performance, thanks to its round, oversized head shape and even balance. Combined with an ultra-soft core for a softer feel and more comfort, this is the perfect bat for advanced players, who want to play with speed. Make Every Shot Count.

Full specification

OversizeHead shape
355Weight (g)
38Thickness/profile (mm)
Ultra softCore

Our technologies

High performance specification

Face fabric reinforced with super-premium woven 6k carbon for additional structural strength and superior performance in every shot.

Unleash greater power and comfort

Get more comfort and power in your shots. Thin grooves across the hitting zone enhance frame deformation, creating a larger sweet spot.

Put more spin on your shots

Pack a more penetrating punch thanks to a rough finish on the bat’s surface, giving you more spin effect.

Experience total control

A 360º design delivers optimal structural reinforcement at the base of the blade to give you maximum stability and exceptional control.

Super-premium performance

Application of the highest quality Japanese sourced carbon material in the frame construction for maximum performance and ultimate consistency.

Attack your game

A revolutionary, drilled-hole pattern combines various diameters with an irregular circular distribution. So you get devastating defensive and attacking shots.

Hit harder shots with ease

A special application of low-density elastic EVA combines with a reinforced face fabric spec for exceptional comfort and feel, with extra power at low swing speeds.

Keep your bat in the game

Protect your bat from contact with the walls and floor of the court with transparent protection tape applied to the frame.

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