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Nanoblade Savage Pro Lite

Apply a deft touch

The Pro Lite racket delivers the same shot consistency thanks to the 36lbs mega tension, HMG graphic-construction. While the FSS string-bed delivers steeper attacks. A light weight intermediate racket that’s perfect for players who like to stay at the same high level.

Full specification

67.5Length (cm)
MEDIUMShaft flex
36Max string tension (lbs)

Our technologies

High modulus Japanese graphite construction provides impeccable stability and strength. It’s all round power and control in your hand.

Frame tech

Pushing engineering to its limits and utilisation of special graphite layup allow mega stringing tensions of up to 36lbs, without compromising racket stability, control and power.

Frame tech

A modern Optometric head shape combines with advanced string-bed technology to move the sweet-spot upwards. So you get maximum smash power at a steeper attacking angle.

Shaft tech

Special graphite layup for higher density ensures the balance and consistency throughout the shaft. The faster return time provides even more repulsion power.

Component tech

Positioned at 3 and 9 o clock, power grommets are constructed from a soft polymer to provide increased cross section movement allowing greater power to be generated.

Component tech

By introducing 4 convex channels into the top cap, stiffness of the top cap is increased allowing for greater shot accuracy and control.

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