Dunlop has today unveiled its new CX Series range of Control rackets. An evolution of Dunlop’s original CX Series, the range has been reengineered to provide players with total control of their spin, power and accuracy, with every style of shot.

This is the first series to offer Dunlop’s new FLEX BOOSTER technology which features high-elasticity, vibration-damping layers in the racket shaft that filter out vibrations. This gives players a less stiff, softer, more flexible feel without the loss of power to stay in control, however long your game.

The rackets also feature Sonic Core, made with Infinergy® by BASF (as seen on the SX and FX Series) at 3 and 9 o’clock inside the frame. Combined with Power Grid String Tech, a redesigned string bed for greater accuracy, these technologies create a racket with a larger sweet spot and reduced shock impact, letting players ‘Control The Game’ with comfort, power and ease.

The CX Series was developed by the Dunlop Srixon global Research and Development team in Kobe, Japan with the rackets demonstrating a 5% reduction in shaft stiffness and a 10% reduction in vibrations compared to its previous model.

Ken Yamamoto, Head of Dunlop Tennis Business, commented: “Dunlop has revolutionised the CX Series racket range. We set out to create a racket offering players total control, putting them in charge to unleash game-winning shots. From the first ball to the last, CX gives players total control. The range has options for all ages and abilities. Whether a player seeks greater control of power or spin, or prefers a more lightweight feel, there is a CX racket for them.”

The reengineered CX Series follows the recent release of two complementary product ranges; the SX Series, for greater Spin and the FX Series, for more Force/power. Together, these form Dunlop’s Elements of the Game concept. Designed to help easily characterise the main performance benefits of each racket range – offering an option for every tennis player; CX – Control, SX – Spin, FX – Force.

Find out more about the CX series here