It’s always a good question to ask. What do I need in that big Tennis bag? What do the Pro’s or the elite club players carry?

Well, we’d like to introduce Seb Proisy, a product expert from Tennis Majors who will be appearing in some of our Elements Of The Game videos in the future. He’s going to give you the lowdown on some of the things you need in your Tennis bag. Now, he emphasizes that you HAVE to have all of these in your bag. Perhaps that is a bit of a stretch but if you can kit yourself out, here’s all the things you should kit yourself out with.

Tennis Rackets

Of course the Tennis racket and the more you can get in there, the better. In theory having at least two is optimal so that if a string breaks, you don’t have to stop play.

Tennis Balls

Always good to carry these even if it’s likely the club or tournament will provide. Just means you won’t be caught short.


They may not be as important but depending on your patience or your standard, keeping your strings in your bag means you can set your racket to be re-strung straight away when a string breaks and while that won’t help you in a match, it will mean you spend minimal time fixing the problem.


You’ll be amazed the difference a grip can do and you’ll be amazed at how sometimes how quickly they need to be replaced. Always good to give yourself the option.

Vibration Dampners

We’ll be taking a look at these in a future video but if you use them. Have them in your bag.


It’s very unlikely you won’t be getting very sweaty and so a towel is a must for the bag to keep your hands dry and wash the sweat from your brow, if you manage to work up that level of sweat, that is.


This is an important and smart thing to keep in your bag. You may not like them, it may not be your style but on a sunny day – A hat can be the difference between a good game and bad one.


We have the towel but if you can keep the sweat away from your hand (and likewise with a headband) it’s a good idea.


More sweat, more sweat, more sweat – bring a change of clothes it will make you feel better if you’re completely drenched. You may also want to bring non-sport clothing so you can change after the game.


A bit of a luxury but shoes can be like strings and rackets, sometimes they can break so if you have a spare, you never have to worry.

Water Bottle

This IS a must. Keep hydrated. No excuse.


Definitely something to think about. Food is your energy, use it wisely and we’d advise having your, go-to, food in your bag for a match.

First Aid Kit

Another under rated item. Blisters can occur, cuts and who knows what else, it’s not just good for you but potentially good for someone else too.


A long match in the sun can be very bad for the skin. Sun screen is a must on the hotter days and even on the cooler ones. Watch out for it.

Resistance Bands

If you are really serious about your game and your body. Resistance bands are a great way to warm up and will help with injuries to make sure you aren’t over exerting yourself straight away.

Foam Roller and Spikey Ball

And finally, the same as above, after you’ve played, stretch out and use these tools to keep your body in tip top shape.


The Elements Of The Game series is deigned to look at the little details in Tennis to see where and what you can improve in your game in order to give you an edge. Something small like packing the right bag can do more for your game than you might realize.