EVO 230

Start your game strong

The lighter and stronger MG graphite construction and Isometric head shape give this racket the extra repulsion power and speed every improving players need.

Caratteristiche generali

67.5Lunghezza (cm)
83+/-3 (4U)Peso del telaio (g)
MEDIUMShaft flex
30Max string tension (lbs)

Le nostre tecnologie

By combining modulus graphite with a new resin particle ratio, a new incredibly strong and lightweight construction material is born.

Component tech

Positioned at 3 and 9 o clock, power grommets are constructed from a soft polymer to provide increased cross section movement allowing greater power to be generated.

Frame tech

Precision engineering and utilisation of the finest construction materials ensures stringing tensions of up to 30lbs, delivering greater shot control with maximum shuttle repulsion.

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