IMG Academy announced the multi-year renewal of their sponsorship contract with Dunlop. Since the start of the partnership in 2018, IMG Academy has supported Dunlop’s mission to develop the next generation of tennis players and grow the game at the grassroots level. Dunlop has utilized IMG Academy as a living laboratory for product testing and development since the start of their relationship. Notably, the now Official Ball of the ATP Tour, started as a ball on IMG Academy’s courts, where elite junior tennis players were a key part of the feedback-driven development process.

Dunlop continues to provide IMG Academy with the latest innovations to support their research and create products for the next generation of players and pros alike. Dunlop’s on-campus presence extends to The Dunlop Innovation Center which carries the entire Dunlop Tennis line including premium rackets, luggage, string, grips, and balls.

Kai Nitsche, Vice President and General Manager at Dunlop, said, “We are committed to the next generation of players and there is no better place to do that, than at IMG Academy. IMG Academy has allowed us to innovate new exciting products and has been an invaluable source of testing and feedback as we continuously try to improve all of our products.”

This year, IMG Academy will expand the tennis facilities on their campus to include additional tennis courts as well as a stadium court. Dunlop plans to support IMG Academy as the facility looks to host larger events and tournaments in the new space.

Jimmy Arias, Director of Tennis at IMG Academy, said, “Dunlop has been an incredible sponsor these past three years and we are excited for the continued partnership as we expand our tennis facilities and scope. Our players have gained a real advantage being able to use Dunlop’s products and our coaches have continued to grow, being on the forefront of tennis equipment innovation.”